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October Union Meetings

Please see below.

October Union Meetings on Monday, October 4, 2021, and Wednesday, October 6, 2021, at 7:00pm will be held at Cannstatters’ at 9130 Academy Rd. Philadelphia, PA 19114.


Pictures for the Calendar

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Good afternoon


Anyone with pictures and/or dates for the 2022 calendar please email them to


The deadline for submissions is September 30th.

Bauer SPEAR System Course

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Once again Local 22 would like to offer an amazing opportunity for our members to take the Blauer Spear System course. The dates will be 10/25, 10/26, 10/27 at the Next Philly Champ gym on Grant Ave and Bustleton Ave.  Send an email to with your name, payroll number, phone number and email address if you would like to participate. This opportunity may be canceled due to lack of participation, so please check out the videos below, and sign up!



Instructions Attached in PDF

Brothers and Sisters,

First, I would like to say that OHR and Local 22 are aligned in that you have a good testing experience and are successful with navigating the online process. I would like to give thanks to all those who have been proactive in your communication to Local 22 and helped all our Brothers and Sisters by calling and by emailing any questions.  


Prior to your scheduled exam date, you will receive a link to the online proctoring service called "ProctorExam". There will be a link in the email that will take you to the registration page.


All Candidates must register through ProctorExam in advance of the exam to ensure their computers meet the system components (See PDF Instructions Attached).  If the candidates do not have a computer with a webcam, they can contact the HR professional listed on the announcement and in their notice.  Cellphones and tablets cannot be used. 


To assist candidates with registration, Public Safety team included a user step-by-step guide and tutorial video in the notices to approved candidates to assist them with the registration process. Attached on this email is the user guide Local 22 requested; again, See the PDF Instructions Attached. 


For the questions around the BC/DC exams, the promotional testing process remains consistent with the past.  The oral exam has two questions – one supervisory and one tactical/technical in nature.  OHR secures the expert raters from various jurisdictions nationwide above the rank of the level being tested.  Candidates receive additional instructions on the day of the exam and should direct any questions to the HR Professional administering their exam. 


Seniority will be awarded as it always has, and the process for test review remains the same as well.

Please email or call Jack Eltman if you have any more questions or concerns. 


IN Brotherhood

Pride of Germantown!


See attached flyer for more details

9/11 Memorial Stair Climb

This event is dedicated to PFD LT. Richie Bendit who died from 9/11 illness.

Please see attached flyer for more details.

Directive 54 Reminder

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Due to an increase in the number of positive results for random alcohol breathalyzer screenings, members are encouraged to review Directive 54 and become familiar with their rights & responsibilities outlined in the directive.

Members are reminded that per GM # 20-47 “Temporary Restriction of CPAP Machines,” C-PAP devices not permitted to be used in stations. C-PAP dependent members should follow the GM’s guidance in seeking an alternate schedule until the restriction is lifted. Members may voluntarily cease C-PAP usage, with the approval of their physician.

E62, L34, M6 Transfer, Promotion, Retirement Party


Please join us to celebrate various members. See attached flyer.

Pension Employee Representative Election

Cast your vote for union-endorsed reps

Please read the attached in support of Executive Board member Brian Coughlin for Pension Board Employee Rep. 

Important Promotional Exam Information


Brothers and Sisters,

Local 22 received some very important additional information from OHR regarding the upcoming promotional tests, please see below:


Fire Chief oral exams are scheduled for September 13 & 14

Fire Boat Engineer/Co-Pilot written exam is scheduled for September 15; and the performance exam is scheduled for October 13 & 14

Fire Captain and Fire Lieutenant written exam are scheduled for October 15

Fire Lieutenant oral exam is scheduled for November 2 – 5

Fire Captain oral exam is scheduled for November 9 & 10


For everyone who is taking the written portion, there will be a video and step-by-step guide provided to candidates to complete a System Check on your computers, prior to the exam date. You must complete the System Checks on the computer you plan to take the examination on. Technical support is available during the Systems Check and they can contact OHR Public Safety team for general questions.


If anyone’s computer fails the test, there be a testing facility for someone to take the test.The candidate could take the exam at the MSB computer lab or another city computer lab location. Candidate must contact the analyst in advance of the exam.


Oral Portion of the Fire Lieutenant: 20 for prep, 10 per testing room

Fire Captain: 30 for prep, 15 per testing room

Local 22 is still waiting for OHR to give specifics for all Chief’s Orals.


For the oral portion of the test, All Candidates will report in-person to be recorded. Assessors will watch the recorded videos in panels of 2 at a later date.


Lastly, the issue with the Fire Boat Pilot test being re-announced has been resolved. Any member who had previously signed up will not need to re-apply.

8th Annual Sean Hogan Golf Outing

Golf Outing at Bensalem Country Club

8th annual golf outing to support the education fund for the children of one of our brothers, Sean Hogan, who passed away due to cancer.

Pride of Germantown!

Housing Ceremony and Alumni BBQ on September 19th at noon!


Housing ceremony and Alumni BBQ

All are welcome 

Promotional Test Applications on City's Website


Brothers and Sisters,

The applications are open on the City’s Website for Lieutenant, Captain, Battalion Chief, Deputy Chief, and Assistant Chief.

For Lieutenant and Captain’s Testing, Local 22 is aware that the “Written Examination – The computer-based written examination is scheduled for the week of October 11, 2021

Good luck to all, and please keep an eye out for General Memos with further information

IN Brotherhood

Military Brothers and Sisters


Yesterday Local 22 had a meeting regarding the 360 military hours listed on your paystubs, and we are scheduling a Step-2 Grievance hearing for sometime within the next 2 weeks. We will keep you posted as things move forward. 

Also, Per conversation between Local 22 and HR, if you have been activated in 2020 and 2021 you can apply for the Act 17 Leave Request due to being quarantined before, during, or after your activation. Vacation days used should be reimbursable.

Attached is the GM and Request form.

IN Brotherhood

Union Gram 20-02


See attached for Union Gram 20-02

Capt. & Lt. Promotional List 2019

Congrats to all

Attached is the Captain and Lieutenant Promotional Lists Combined as a single PDF

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